Its all about your guests.

Most Planners have a photographer horror story. "dressed inappropriately, took too long, distracted the audience..."  We understand what it takes to pull off a successful gathering, and we're committed to creating the best guest experience. 

We start with a friendly personality that sets the right tone, and professional behavior that enhances rather than detracts. Then we add an extra measure of innovative products that amp-up the WOW factor. 

  • discreet candid and expertly posed shots that capture the special moments
  • expertly posed headshots and awards photos that empower individuals
  • efficient couples and group photos the keep the program on schedule
  • fun activities that engage both in-person and online participants.

We help host your guests so you can focus on all that other stuff. If delivering the best guest experience is your top priority, then we are your team.  

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